Your all-access pass to an intentional new year.

YouYear is a yearlong personal expansion program, lovingly crafted with your busy schedule in mind. Prepare for the new year with a runway of workshops to help you set goals, build systems to support them, and train your brain to stay accountable on a deeper level. At the start of each month, live monthly planning sessions support consistency and success, and our optional Self-Care Society classes provide the space to take your big dreams into a daily practice all year long.

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What you'll get...


YouYear Runway Week

Danika Brysha hosts three special workshops designed to help you gain clarity on your dreams, map them to next year's goals, and set up systems for accountability and support throughout 2022. Learn more >

Jan - Nov, 2022

Monthly Planning Sessions

On the last Sunday of each month, join us for a 90-minute self-care planning session designed to help you reflect on the previous month and build an intentional (and manageable) plan for the new month ahead. Watch Free >

Jan - DEC, 2022

YouYear On-Demand

Yearlong access to all YouYear content and recordings — Runway Week replays, Monthly Strategy Sessions, and bonus resources available now. Support your self-care ritual anytime, anywhere.

Jan - DEC, 2022

Member Discounts

Exclusive, discounted pricing on all special events throughout 2022. Topic-specific intensives, VIP guest workshops, and more. Included with all YouYear plans.

* Plus & Unlimited Plans

Daily Self-Care Classes

Unlimited access to live, 30-minute Self-Care Society Classes (M-F) led by expert guides from around the world. Each class will guide you through a new self-care checklist, helping you integrate a variety of self-care habits into your daily life. More >

* Plus & Unlimited Plans

Self-Care Society On-Demand

Access to our ever-growing library of recorded Self-Care Society classes. ~10 new classes available each week, so you can practice your ritual on your schedule. More >

"A year from now you will wish you had started today."

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Last day to enroll - Sunday, 1/16/2022.

Enrollment ends soon. $50/month after (1 planning session + daily SCS classes).


Learn about à la carte pricing and scholarships in our FAQs section.

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Spots Left

Save $500 w/ code BESTYET

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YouYear Runway Week Schedule

Included with all YouYear plans and hosted by Danika Brysha, self-care expert and lifestyle coach. Three workshops to lay the foundation for a successful 2022. Replays available all year long.

Live Date: 12/27

Clarify Your Desires + Set Your Goals

Start the brainstorming process for your new year goals and desires. We’ll set goals by category, and give you space to gain clarity through our unique and proven processes centered around empowerment, not shame. You’ll learn how to build our ultimate goals spreadsheet, breaking down your desires in a way that supports consistency and lasting habit-change

Habit Change 101 + Building Accountability Systems

Dive into what science and experts say about lasting habit change. Once we learn the basics, Danika will guide you in setting up the systems that have bridged the gap between knowledge and integration in her own life. This is the foundational time management, checklist, and tracking process that is so often missing from our habit change process.

Live Date: 12/29

2021 Reflection + 2022 Motivation

This final workshop of our runway program will guide you in exercises to lay a solid foundation for the new year ahead. Danika will create space to reflect on 2021 and to use that to move forward more intentionally. We’ll then solidify your vision for 2022 through a variety of strategies that you can carry with you into the new year.

Live Date: 12/31

2022 Monthly Planning Session Schedule

Included with all YouYear plans. 90-minute self-care planning sessions designed to help you reflect on the previous month and build an intentional plan for the new month ahead. Replays available throughout 2022.























All 2022

Special Events (TBA)

MONTHLY SELF-CARE Planning Session

Free Self-Care Planning Session - December 2021

On the last Sunday of each month, we host a live, 90-minute planning sessions. Enter your email below to watch our most recent strategy session for free.

About Self-Care Society

Included with Plus and Unlimited Plans, you’ll have unlimited access to everything SCS has to offer:

Daily Live classes (M-F)

Just 30 minutes each, and hosted by expert guides from around the world, every class will guide you through a new self-care checklist, introducing new habits daily.

On-Demand Class recordings

Access to our ever-growing library of recorded Self-Care Society classes. ~10 new classes available each week, so you can practice your ritual on your schedule.

Community, Discounts, & more

Connect in our loving community, join (or start) a small group, and enjoy exclusive discounts to special events and more throughout 2022.


YouYear is a one-time purchase, giving you year-long access to Runway Week, Monthly Planning Sessions, and YouYear recordings through December 2022.

Access periods to additional Self-Care Society benefits (daily live classes, SCS on-demand, and more) vary based on the package you choose:

  • YouYear Plus Plan: 2 months access – starts on sign up
  • 2022 Unlimited Plan: 1 year access – from Wed, 12/15/21 through Thurs, 12/15/22

Nothing to cancel, no recurring charges.

We believe that self-care and wellness resources should be accessible to all — especially for those in a tight spot financially, mentally, or in a place of hardship. 


If this is you right now, remember… all of these circumstances are temporary and we’ve created The Self-Care Scholarship to do everything we can to help get you back on track.


Space is limited at this time, though we’ll do our best to work with all applicants. We do ask that those in the fortunate enough position to purchase YouYear, please do. We’re a small team funding 90% of scholarships out-of-pocket, and we want to do everything we can to leave scholarship options open to those who need it most. 

Submit your application here, specifically noting your interest in YouYear 2022.

Live YouYear programming starts on Monday, December 27th, 2022 so we encourage you to register sooner rather than later. YouYear enrollment will officially close on Saturday, 1/1/2022.

As an SCS monthly member ($50/month plan) you will have access to YouYear Runway Week for free, as long as you have an active membership at time of live events. 

To save big in the coming year, sign up for our 2022 Unlimited package – a whole year of SCS with YouYear for only $150 – that’s over $500 in savings!

To take advantage of this limited-time offer:

  1. Purchase your 2022 Unlimited Pass by 12/26/21
  2. Enjoy unlimited access to SCS + YouYear for a full year starting 12/15/21

If you’ve recently paid for monthly access, don’t forget to turn off auto-renew or cancel your existing subscription from your account dashboard. You’ll retain access to SCS classes through your existing subscription period, and enjoy unlimited access for the year-long period from 12/15/21 through 12/15/22.

Sale ends soon. No coupon code necessary. The 2022 Unlimited pass is not a subscription, rather, it grants unlimited SCS access for the yearlong period from 12/15/21 through 12/15/22.

You sure can!

We’re still doing some testing, but will launch a new and improved gifting program soon. Keep an eye out for more soon — we’ll let you know when we do.

All of the workshops for YouYear (Runway Week and Monthly Workshops) will be recorded so you can access them at any time through the entire year.

For Plus and Unlimited Plans, we also record all our live classes and have them available in our on-demand library — ~10 new classes available each week.

We use Zoom Webinar for all of our events, which means you won’t be visible or audible by default.


In some classes, guides will ask for volunteers, in which case you can raise your hand if you’re interested in coming on screen and sharing. 

How you show up is completely up to you. You can participate in chat, volunteer to share, or just hang back in your pajamas and follow along. Plus you have access to on-demand recordings of all the workshops to view on your time. There’s no wrong way to join us!

Self-Care Society will honor returns of any YouYear plan purchases up until 11:59pm PT on December 26th, 2021. After this date, we can no longer issue returns as our curriculum will be issued.

While we believe deeply in this work and trust that if fully integrated, it will have immense positive impact for our participants, we cannot guarantee any promised results and cannot offer any refunds for this reason.

Should an emergency come up and you can no longer participate in the program, you will have the opportunity to donate your YouYear plan to someone in need via our scholarship option. Should you choose to do this, your access to any future programming will be revoked immediately.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our program, return policy, or otherwise, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs with love, compassion, and understanding.

Is YouYear for me?

Here’s what we all know after the past two years of chaos: our lives crave SPACE.

SPACE to focus on what we CAN control, ourselves. Because when we care for ourselves we have that much more to give to others.

YouYear provides that SPACE.

We know that you’re busier than ever, which is why this year’s YouYear program has been carefully crafted for simplicity.

Following Runway week, just one 90-minute workshop a month — attend live or catch the on-demand recording on your own time. 

YouYear is for you if you…

  • want to show up in 2022 as your most authentic self
  • are tired of making empty resolutions for the new year
  • know you have the capacity for more in your life
  • want to take control of your mindset 
  • want to instill new healthy habits
  • need systems for accountability to keep you on track
  • crave community with like-minded people
  • believe in lasting changing through empowerment, not shame
Or step it up with a Plus or Unlimited Plan to add daily Self-Care Society classes (M-F).

Ready to commit to your best year yet?

Questions? Email [email protected].