An ever-growing collection of recommended reading, free and members-only resources, and curated tools featured in weekly sessions. Everything featured is a tool that has helped me personally on my wellness journey — and you can click through to learn why. I hope you find value in them, as well.

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    The Self-Care Starter Kit

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    How To Build a 5-Minute Self-Care Checklist To Transform Your Daily Routine

    This free guide will give you the actionable tools to set you up for daily success.

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  • Dream Life Visualization

    In this 25-minute guided visualization, you’ll envision what the life of your dreams truly looks like. Once you can see it, you can flow towards it daily by simply putting energy towards your desire and without getting lost in the “hows?”

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  • Self-Care Glossary

    Whether you’re new to self care or a veteran that’s unclear on a certain aspect, this guide was created to help you digestthe various categories of activities we cover in our classes, and show how to use your self-care checklist.

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Self-Care Society Recommends

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    The Good Tarot


    From Danika: “If you’re into tarot cards, this is a great deck to have on hand if you want to pull a card for some guidance. What I like about this deck is that all the card meanings are positive, hence “The Good Tarot”. Sometimes I’ll pull one for some clarity for the day or to use as a journaling prompt.”

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    When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times


    From Danika: My friend gifted me this book when I was going through a hard time and I’ve found that I keep coming back to it in varying circumstances. It is uplifting, gentle, and inspirational.

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    The Artist’s Way: 25th Anniversary Edition


    By Julia Cameron

    From Danika: This is a book about rediscovering your creativity and inner needs/voice through something called the “Morning Pages”, a morning writing practices to dump out your brain and gain clarity

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    The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich


    By Tim Ferriss

    From Danika: This book made me realize that the conventional path of work wasn’t my only option. It talks about making money while you sleep, remote work, choosing the lifestyle you want, and working less while making more.

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    A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”


    By Marianne Williamson

    From Danika: One of my favorite books. Spiritual in nature but taught me some great life lessons about human nature, psychology, and mindset.

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    The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream


    By Paolo Coehlo

    From Danika: “A favorite fiction story with many life lessons woven in (a classic).

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    The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms


    by Danielle LaPorte

    From Danika: One of my favorite books all about creating the life you really want based on how you want to feel. Sparking motivation and clarity for where you want your life to go.

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    The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom


    by Don Miguel Ruiz

    From Danika: A classic book with four agreements for living a peaceful life.

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    The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


    by Eckart Tolle

    From Danika: Another spiritual classic all about staying in the present moment, and the power within it.

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    Many Lives, Many Masters


    by Brian Weiss

    From Danika: Psychologist Brian Weiss’ many true stories from patients recalling past lives. This book totally changed the way I think about life and death.

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    Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything


    by Geneen Roth

    From Danika: My favorite book for healing food issues and constant dieting – Geneen Roth has eating guidelines that help us free ourselves from food rules and lose weight naturally (if we need to) through mindfulness and freedom.

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    Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead


    by Brene Brown

    From Danika: A book that illuminates just how powerful, courageous, and important vulnerability when it comes to connection.

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    It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways


    by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig

    From Danika: This is the original Whole30 book, but whether you are interested in Whole30 or not, it is such a great education in learning how certain foods affect us and the “why” behind eating, healing, inflammation, weight loss, etc. Changing how I ate changed my life.

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    Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life


    by Louise Hay

    From Danika:Mirror Work was recommended to me by a friend, Gaby Lucia, who is an Inner Work Coach. I’ve been a big fan of Louise Hay for some time and this book is the epitome of affirmations practice. I love that it has a 21-day format with specific affirmations, processes, and journaling prompts. Truly powerful for anyone looking to get in the habit of an affirmation practice and to cultivate more self love.”
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    Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life


    by Byron Katie

    From Danika: “The ultimate book on paying attention to our thoughts and how they create our suffering or our joy. Katie’s famous protocol “The Work” is a series of 4 questions that help you gain lasting peace, clarity, and presence in any situation that life brings your way.”

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    Darcie Milfeld’s Grow “Financially Well” Course


    by Darcie Milfield

    From Danika: “Darcie has been the leading financial expert in my You Year groups and on my Instagram platform whenever I feel called to bring the financial wellness conversation to light. I was a major avoider with money and finally realized that there were people out there who approached this sensitive conversation (and critical skillset) with love and experience. I recommend everyone to Darcie’s program who is looking to upgrade their money mindset and wealth goals.”

    Prices start at $49/mo – discounts available.

  • The Passion Planner


    From Danika: “Passion Planner couldn’t be more aligned with the heart and mission of Self Care Society. With a focus on gratitude, goals, and mindset, soulful planning and more, Passion Planner is the perfect resource for anyone who swears by pen to paper planning”

    Prices start at $35 and go up from there

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    Think and Grow Rich


    By Napoleon Hill

    From Danika: “Napoleon Hill is the OG manifestor. In this classic from 2005, Hill shows us how to get rich and attract everything we need through the power of mindset and manifestation.”

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    The Abundance Book


    By John Randolph Price

    From Danika: “This tiny and classic books aims to shift the mind of the reader towards a perspective of absolute abundance. Within it you’ll find a 40 day abundance meditation challenge that you can commit to consistency to put these principles into effect. “

  • Becoming Supernatural
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    Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon


    By Dr. Joe Dispenza

    From Danika: “If I were to tell someone to read any book to learn more about why we do what we do in Self Care Society, it is Becoming Supernatural and anything by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This scientist and doctor has put facts and science to the powerful ‘technology’ that is how our thought shape our experience. It’s fascinating.”

Please Note: These are all genuine endorsements, and books we love. We link to Amazon for convenience and a small commission, but if any of the recommendations inspire you, we encourage you to support your favorite local bookseller or the best option for you.

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Self-Care Glossary

Affirmations are positive affirming statements that we can use to change the dialogue in our mind, the way we think about ourselves and the world, and are a great manifesting tool. Most positive affirmations start with “I am…” (though they certianly don’t have to) and can be short or long. You can write a paragraph affirming something or just a word.

Affirmations are used to intentionally reprogram your mind to think the thoughts that you want to be true for yourself. Affirmations are statements that you WANT to be true for you, even if you don’t fully believe them yet. Just make sure your affirmations are always positive in nature. For example, instead of saying “I am not lazy” you would say “I am energized, efficient, and productive.”


  • I am enough
  • I am worth of living my best life possible
  • I am a healthy person with healthy habits
  • I manifest abundance always
  • I carry nothing that does not serve me – physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • I love my body

Our breath is our life force. It can help us to regulate our emotions, to bring us back into our bodies, and to ground ourselves when we are feeling chaotic and out of alignment.

It is the act of consciously controlling our breathing to influence our mental, physical, and emotional states.


  • There are many breathwork techniques and it can be as simple as paying attention. You can count your breaths in and out, take deep breaths into your body, or practice techniques like box breathing.

I’m a huge advocate for little wins. Setting ourselves up to celebrate our successes, feel like we’re doing a good job, and to notice even the smallest things about ourselves that matter. The more we celebrate, the more we have self love. The more we have self love, the easier it is to practice self care.

Set yourself up for lots of little wins each day, and celebrate and savor them when they occur. Positive reinforcement will lead to positive action. Be sure you set yourself up for success with systems and accountability.


  • Celebration can be simple like journaling about what you are proud of, what you’ve accomplished, and what you enjoyed. It can also be highlighted on a daily basis through checking boxes that make you feel good and accomplished when you do nice things for yourself. It is important as we grow and learn that we feel supported and loved, and that we have a safe space to mess up, make mistakes, and try again.

In order to manifest what we want, we must first know what those desires are. Clarity is a process of going inward to find out what you want. Our desires change all through our life so it’s important to constantly check in to see what feels good for us now. Clarity can be receive in a myriad of ways.


  • Clarity can be found through processes like reflection, meditation, journaling, connection, and really any time we pause, get intentional, and listen in. Paying attention to what feels good to us, no matter what the outside world says we should do.

We are better together and we are social creatures. Connecting with other like-minded and supportive beings is medicine for our soul. This is why Self Care Society is built to be a community driven experience.


  • Calling or texting a loved one
  • Joining a group of people you feel aligned with
  • Physical touch with someone you love
  • Sharing experiences with others

The practice of being grateful. Practicing gratitude reprograms us to look at what’s good and what is working in the world, instead of focusing on our often default method of what isn’t, and everything we need to do. We can even practice gratitude for things that haven’t happened yet but that we want to manifest. I often say “thank you” for things I don’t yet have in an effort to manifest them into reality.


  • Thank you for the love I share with my friends and family
  • I am so grateful for my self -care routine and my consistency with it
  • I am so thankful for the abundance of miracles in my life

Intentionality refers to the act of taking action based on clarity and desire. Being deliberate or purposeful. We can’t expect to achieve our dreams if we don’t know what they are. We do many activities based around living an intentional life in Self Care Society and these can take form in a variety of ways.


  • Intentionality can be achieved through practices like planning, strategizing, building systems and time management, and goal-setting

The practice of journaling is best done with a pen to paper (handwritten) to really allow our thoughts to slow down and make their way onto paper. Journaling can look differently for everyone but I’ve found it to be a beautiful creative process with which I turn my thoughts into something tangible that I can see on paper.

I encourage those who journal to view the practice of journaling as something of value for the present moment vs. documenting the details of your life thinking you’ll read it later. Focus on using the pages as a way to get the racing thoughts out of your mind and down in a way that you can digest and make sense of them.

Our minds are valuable real estate so the more we can dump our brains of junk, the more space we create for our own clarity and opportunities.

Journaling can take many forms but some prompts might be:

  • I like…
  • I feel…
  • I am…
  • I want…
  • I love…

Manifesting is the act of bringing your visions into physical reality. It’s the process used to turn a thought into a thing, and is closely tied to the practice of visualization.

Manifesting includes practices like expressing gratitude for what you want in your life. It’s getting clear on what you want and continually focusing on that thing. It’s writing journal entries and biographies of yourself from the future speaking as if something you desire has already happened. Like visualizing, it’s a great way to experience the feelings of your desires, before they exist for you in the physical world.


  • Writing a journal entry dated in the future is a great way to manifest who you want to me
  • Creating a vision board of what you want to attract
  • Writing a biography of yourself from the future
  • Saying gratitude for something you hope to attract, as if it already happened

Our physical bodies are the “suit” we experience the physical world with. Emotions are energy in motion, which means, that when energy isn’t in motion, we can tend to bring up uncomfortable physical feelings in our bodies. If we don’t have our physical body, we don’t have something to experience all the beauty of life with, and all the desires we manifest.

Movement allows the energy and emotions to flow through us and out of us. It supports not just physical health but mental health.


  • Stretching
  • Dancing
  • Shaking
  • Walking
  • Jumping
  • Any sort of fitness

Play and creativity are a critical part of self care. Creativity is our life force. It is the way we manifest and bring things to us that we desire. It is how anything that didn’t exist, came to be.

You can see why this play and creativity is critical in how we bring to life anything we desire.


  • Play can be turning of your devices and frolicking in nature
  • Drawing or creating art of any form (music, gardening, cooking, etc.)
  • Doing anything that doesn’t feel “traditionally productive”

The process of reflection is as critical as the momentum we often have to move on to the next thing. If we don’t pause to reflect on what we’ve done, accomplished, or experienced, it becomes harder to move forward learning from our past.

Reflection is a beautiful act of transition, learning, and information, and can be done in a variety of ways, like journaling, therapy, conversations, etc.


  • Journaling about your experience, what you learned, what worked, what you would do differently
  • Taking the time to focus and mediate on the things — good and bad — that have had significant impact on our lives 

Self love is the foundation of self care. When we love ourselves, it becomes a natural and automatic behavior to take care of ourselves. The stronger our foundation of self care, the easier we’ll find it becomes to take action on things like healthy eating, proper sleep, mindful movement, nourishing relationships, play, rest, etc.

Self love is ever-evolving and there are tangible ways with which to cultivate in your life. Using willpower to do acts of self care, will strengthen the internal dialogue towards self love. It says “you are worth taking care of” which also means “you are worth of love and care”.

Self love and self care work together and strengthen each other. The stronger these foundations, the easier it becomes to find consistency in your practices.


  • Positive Affirmations
  • Taking time to celebrate yourself and who you are
  • Consciously consuming media and messaging that supports your enough-ness exactly as you are

We often underestimate the impact that our physical and mental states have on our well being. Keeping our physical space tidy and clear of clutter impacts our mental health and our abilty to focus and be productive. Clearing out the clutter in our minds through things like therapy and journaling, allows for more spaciousness for new exciting things to come in.

We will only be given what we can handle. If you want abundance and newness, or you are calling something in for your life, be sure you’ve left the space for it to enter. Creativity happens in this white space too. If we’re constantly doing things and busy, it’s much harder to fully receive these often life-changing downloads from the universe.


  • Clearing clutter from your work area or your home
  • Throwing things away Tidying your space
  • Talking to a loved one or therapist to release emotional energy
  • Journaling your thoughts to remove them from you body and on to paper

Support can be given or taken and is a powerful part of any growth journey. We are nourished not just when we are held and taken care of, but also when we are given the opportunity to take care of someone else.


  • Reaching out to loved ones who are on your mind
  • Reminding yourself that you are taken care of and loved
  • Writing a kind note or sending a message out of the blue
  • Cheering on fellow SCS members when they volunteer or put themselves out there

Visualization is the practice of creating an experience in your mind and body that may or may not be happening in the physical world around you. Think of it as the grown up version of imagination that you did so freely as a child. Where you could be anyone and anywhere by simply allowing yourself to go there in your mind.

Visualization is a powerful tool in manfesting. In most cases, our body and brain does not know if it’s experiencing something for real in the phsysical world, or if it’s happening in the mind. The true way to manifest your desires is to experience the feelings and visions that you’ll have when you get there, NOW. The path to bring our visions to life is simply creating that vision and those feelings first and trusting that the physical world around you will rise up to meet it.

In SCS classes, we often do guided visualizations where the leader will have you close your eyes and imagine you as your highest self, your healthiest self, taking your dream trip, in your dream job, and more.

Sample Visualization:

You are the most vibrant, healthy, productive, peaceful, conscious version of you.

You’re up early and you’re holding your favorite hot drink. You sit down in the space that you do most mornings to align for the day.

You notice as you move towards this spot, how good you feel in your body. A type of lightness and flow and grace and confidence.

You’ve been practicing an affirmation and you feel it being embodied. “I carry nothing that does not serve me – physically, emotionally, or spiritually.”

You sit and you set your drink down on the table next to you. What does the table look like? What does the mug look like? What is the room temperature? What is the weather outside?

You take a deep breath that fills your whole body. You notice how it feels to be this version of you.

You realize that all it took to get here was to feel these feelings first, and the outside world caught up. You committed to memorizing these feelings in your body… ones of ________.

You noticed what it felt like to feel like this and you committed it to muscle memory. Notice right now. Scan your body. Commit to this bodily experience.

How can you bring yourself back here? How can you choose this as your consistent state?