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At Self Care Society, we’re a small team with a big dream of making self care a consistent, fun, and accessible part of your daily routine. Whether you’re in a position to buy a class or two for yourself, open your heart and sponsor someone else’s, or just need a little support in a time of need, you are welcomed and valued here.

The Future of Self-Care Society: July Classes & Beyond

Thank you all for your continued support over the past few months. Your support has meant the world.

We are running classes through July — even more, in fact, plus some exciting new features — but we’ll be in the process of transitioning to a new system through 8/1/2020. We’ll be operating in mostly in incognito mode during this time, but invite anyone interested to join us as we testing our new platform.

Want to get in on the action? Contact us to learn more about SCS Unlimited today!

About Self-Care Society 2.0

  1. New Class LeadersGaby Lucia + Raia “Coach” Carey
    • 50+ Classes / month
    • 2 of Danika’s favorite leading voices in personal growth
    • Unique perspectives to enhance your self-care journey
  2. Sunday Strategy Sessions: 90-minute monthly workshops to reflect, realign, and strategize for the month ahead
  3. VIP Intensives: 90-minute, topic-specific workshops
  4. The Self-Care Community
    • Early Access for all founders
    • Virtual Self-Care Checklist + Members-Only Resources
    • Improved Calendar + Class Reminders
    • SCS Badges + Rewards

Self-Care Classes - July 2020

Want to give back? Sponsor a session.

In addition to available scholarships, for every class you give, we’ll match your generosity and give one too. Classes will be gifted anonymously and your donation will mean the world to somebody in need. We’re all in this together.

Thank you for being a part of this movement towards self-love.

We’ll be adding additional classes weekly (and more teachers, too), so check back often.

Can’t afford it right now?

We understand. We believe that self care and wellness coaching should be accessible for all… especially those in a tight spot financially or in a place of hardship. With this in mind, we’ve created The Self Care Scholarship. If this is you, you can apply for a free session here:

As a thank you for all the help through COVID-19, we’d like to extend this offer to those on front lines in healthcare, food production, public safety and other essential professions.

Live, streaming self-care classes
help you upgrade your morning
routine and stay accountable to the
change you wish to see in your life.

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