Darcie Milfeld’s Grow “Financially Well” Course


by Darcie Milfield

From Danika: “Darcie has been the leading financial expert in my You Year groups and on my Instagram platform whenever I feel called to bring the financial wellness conversation to light. I was a major avoider with money and finally realized that there were people out there who approached this sensitive conversation (and critical skillset) with love and experience. I recommend everyone to Darcie’s program who is looking to upgrade their money mindset and wealth goals.”

Prices start at $49/mo – discounts available.

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by Darcie Milfeld

Look, there’s a lot going on right now. Now more than ever, it is so key to make sure you are thriving financially… and finally feel more in control of your money and truly understand your finances.

You are your greatest asset, and you’ve done a fantastic job of making money, whether you are building your own business or climbing the corporate ladder.

You want the freedom to work because you want to, not because you have to.

You just need that tipping point that’s going to unlock your ability to keep more of what you’re making…. without feeling like you need to give up your life (it’s ok… dare I say the dreaded B-word—ahem, budget).

Did you know that simply getting you out of debt and only investing those debt payments actually could easily make you your first million bucks?


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