Mission + Values

Self-Care Strategy Session

Our Mission

The mission of Self-Care Society is to provide an empowering and supportive space to use the power of our minds and our habits to create the lives of our wildest dreams. 

Just like we work out our physical body, we must exercise the ways in which we talk to ourselves in order to shift our realities. Self-Care Society is the daily practice of manifestation, self exploration, mindfulness, mindset, intentionality, and more. It’s about coming together in a community of like-minded people to be the best version of ourselves possible, through the daily practice of changing our thoughts to change our lives. 

If nothing else, we hope that you leave a Self-Care Society class feeling better than you did when you arrived.

Our Values

Our vision is that Self Care Society becomes an integral part of the human self care and lifestyle process. Our hope is that our classes become as natural and essential to the human wellness process as sleeping, eating well, and moving our body are.

Our goal is that every person who has a fitness membership also has an SCS membership and that our accessible, powerful, and life changing work can reach millions of people daily in a way that creates true positive change in their lives. We show up with one clear goal every time we serve, and that is IMPACT.

Can we help someone to have a better day than they had before they came to class or our community? Can we support them in daily micro-changes that guide them to mega-impact? Can we provide a safe place where there is true empowerment, connection, and permission for all members to feel ENOUGH exactly as they are and to make positive changes from a place of immense self love?


Guiding Principles


I understand that inclusion is an absolute priority. I honor and act respectfully towards all people, no matter their levels of accessibility, access, sexual preference, race, experience, political views, religion, age, gender identity, etc


I understand that I am participating in the Self Care Society community, classes, and offerings by my own free will, and that SCS is not a substitution for professional medical advice. I agree to consult my medical professional as needed.


I understand that the opinions and statements made my SCS guides and/or community members are those of the person who said them and not a direct reflection of the SCS organization.


I agree to play my part in making the SCS community a place of support, empowerment, growth, and love for all involved.


I “work my own program”. I don’t tell others what to do as I know they are their own wisest teacher. Rather, I share and make suggestions as to what has worked for me and let them decide if it aligns for them, and I ask them questions that help guide them to their own answers.


I commit to the privacy and anonymity of all members. I always uphold my commitment to keeping the SCS community a safe and empowering space for all.


I give and take with balance. I own that I can always learn something from others just like they can always learn from me. I make time to provide support and feedback for members who ask, and I honor my own needs, asking for support when I need it.


I don’t let anyone feel alone. When I see that someone has shared something and needs support, I take initiative to let them know they are heard, regardless of if I know how to help.


I agree that this is not a space to sell. I will lead by example for the greater good of the community, and abstain from posting promotional/sales material.

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I practice presence during class – I don’t multitask, I close tabs, silence my phone, and honor the time I’ve committed to be fully engaged


I participate, even when I don’t want to, because shining my light helps others feel permission to do the same.


I prioritize curiosity over judgment, with myself and others.

Self-Care Society Promotional Guidelines

We encourage you to share about your business, career, or products you love, but please be conscientious when doing so. Endorsements should genuinely be for the greater good of the community — offers or products that you care deeply about or believe that the community could benefit from, as well.

We want to support another in building abundant lives, and acknowledge that working with like-minded people is important, too. We’d love nothing more than for SCS to help bridge that gap, so to offer even more clarity…

Examples of permitted business-related content:

  • Celebrating a new business launch
  • Sharing about your career or expertise
  • Sharing a product or service that you love (non-affiliated)

Examples of inappropriate promotion:

  • Posting about your offer in “general” Circles or spaces (e.g. Class or Community Circles)
  • Persistent business promotion that lacks added value
  • Sharing products w/ affiliate links or promo codes for personal gain

We invite you to read through our mission and values and community guidelines to learn more about our policies. If you’re ever unsure and need a little clarity or guidance, shoot us a note and we’d be more than happy to advise on the most appropriate way to share.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and partnership in this matter. Together we can build the foundation that will help us grow gracefully, and cultivate a space that feels truly safe, supportive, and authentic for all.


I give myself and others permission to dream big, succeed wildly, fall hard, make mistakes, and celebrate victories.


During class, I keep my commentary in the chat relevant to the lessons being taught. I save outside conversations for direct messages or community posting so as not to distract those who are taking class alongside me.


I go above and beyond to welcome newcomers and cheer for those brave enough to share and/or come on camera


I am open to trying new things, even when it takes work or it feels uncomfortable

What I know from working with thousands of women on the subject of self care and lifestyle design:

We crave community. We want to know that we aren’t alone in our struggles and in our solutions.

We have a hard time staying accountable to ourselves or in making the time to practice self care. We have lots of knowledge and not enough systems.

We want human. We want vulnerability. We want realness. We want authenticity. 

Vulnerability breeds connection.

We are afraid to dream unless someone gives us permission, and still it’s very hard. Women think “who am I to have this” or “this is for someone else”, or “there’s too much competition” or “I’m too old”

We need a lot more PLAY and FUN in life.

Most people feel alone/lonely even if surrounded in others.

We crave space and consistency for this work.

We have all our answers but we often need support in tapping into them

Most people know what they want, but are afraid to admit it to themselves or others