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Winston Salem, NC

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June 2




Winston Salem, NC

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Director of Demand Generation

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I am a wounded healer, a writer, a lover, an artist. A star seed who chose this weird ass journey for a reason I’ve yet to fully comprehend. I sometimes imagine what it will be like in the final moments of this life, sipping in the last few sips of air this sweet body will enjoy, a smile tugging at the corner of lips, a laugh in the back of my throat when I finally know.

My Talents

Connecting dots, simplifying complicated things, seeing what's hidden, making people feel comfortable. Oh, and digital marketing.

Currently Reading

Woman and Nature: The Roaring Insider Her by Susan Griffith

My Self-Care

Manifestation #1

I am safe.

Manifestation #2

I am empowered.

Manifestation #3

I am at ease.

My Dream Job

Author and Teacher

My Future Bio

Sarah is a walking reminder that we are divine beings having a human experience. She is known for her honest answers, off-kilter sense of humor, and her commitment to feeling it all. Professionally, she’s a corporate expat and born again artist. A New York Times best-selling author twice-over, sought after speaker, gallery-packing artist, and professor of relationship studies are just a few of the notables associated with her expansive career. And if you think she’s successful in this regard, you should take a look at her personal life. Married for twenty years to her no good dirty cheating amazing man of a husband, mother to two sets of twins, and farmer to a barnyard full of rescue critters – her heart and home are full. To quote her late grandfather, “It all turned out real good.” It did, didn’t it?

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