About Me

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Seattle, WA

My Background




Los Angeles County, CA (Diamond Bar)

My Current Bio

I am passionate about learning – about myself, my community, my world – honestly anything.  I am practicing sober living – and have been actively pursuing that for just about 2 years.  Therapy, meditation and honest reflection have made turning 40. . . an accomplishment.  I’d like to think I’m on my way to becoming wise.  My words for this year are “impact, cultivate, mentoring and gratitude.”  They have really guided my thoughts and manifestation.  I work in after school childcare and have worked in some sort of supplemental educational setting for the last 20 years (except for 5 years as a coffee shop store manager – which I love training so I count it as education).  I am recently married to a wonderful spouse – we have 2 houseplants and 5 baby succulents.  I love doing self-care, and having systems but struggle to stay accountable to it – especially when my spouse is not about it lol. I love SCS because I can have an hour a week or so to be with growth centered people who thrive on building self – love.  It sparks my joy and exuberance, spurs my commitment and I am so grateful for it.

My Self-Care

Manifestation #1

I will learn and accomplish my goals through higher education and stay open for big opportunities.

Manifestation #2

I am mindful and intentional about my choices (food, finances, time) and kind to myself if I slip.

Manifestation #3

I expand a deeper connection with my partner as we grow together.

My Future Bio

Marisa is a successful advocate and activist for special needs (physical, emotional, behavioral) children and their families in her community.  She funded after school programs in order to have therapists staffed on site to care for special needs kids.  She, her partner and their 3 dogs live in Palm Springs.  They have a house with a pool and love to go hiking at Joshua Tree.  They take road trips to visit friends and family and love to explore new places and experience new cultures (also accomplish their goal of drinking cappuccinos in as many new places as possible).  She loves reading, dancing and taking naps in the sun (with plenty of sunblock).