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Broomfield, CO

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May 24


United States


Wheeling, WV

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Stay at home Momma

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I am a Momma to two girls: Ella (9) Alexa (5). We have two 70 lb pound puppies that we love dearly. My girls both are now going to school full time and so I finding a lot more time on my hands. I am really hoping to grow and learn who I am. I had my oldest at a very young age, which I believe really kept me from getting the chance to know who I was! I have a lot of ideas on some goals I want to set, but really my main goal is to just figure out what is most important in my life. Before I set any serious goals, I want to learn to LOVE myself. I want to lose the self doubt and find the strength I know I have.


My Self-Care

Manifestation #1

to feel peace in my heart and in my head.

Manifestation #2

to know in the depths of my soul how loved I am.

Manifestation #3