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Las Vegas, NV

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June 11


United States


Northport, NY + Newport Beach, CA

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Co-Founder and Guide at Self-Care Society, Co-Founder + CEO at Model Meals, Body Positive Model at IMG Models

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I’m Danika! I’m a Manifestor in Human Design and doing my best to live up to it. I live in Las Vegas, NV (recently relocated from Southern CA) with my partner, Chef Billy, and our mastiff, Kingsley. I’m a lover of bringing ideas to life, and have done so throughout my life, especially in the more recent future. I am a body positive “curve” model, the Co-Founder and CEO at Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery business, the CEO at Danika Brysha Inc, and of course, a Co-Founder here at Self Care Society. I love to learn and most recently, am having the best time learning how to garden and grow our own food. Five years ago I created the Self Care Checklist and it transformed my life. I want everyone to know about the truly life changing practices that have helped me design the life of my dreams, and Self Care Society is the perfect place to do so. I’m so glad you’re here!

Currently Reading

Anything from Joe Dispenza, always re-reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, and always hopping between 3-5 books at any time

My Self-Care

Manifestation #1

I am manifesting abundance – in love, wealth, happiness, peace, friendship, and joy

Manifestation #2

We are manifesting our perfect family, whatever that ends up looking like

Manifestation #3

I am manifesting that Self Care Society becomes a tool that truly, deeply, and dramatically improves the lives of millions

My Dream Job

I'm doing it now and hope to continue growing this magical SCS community

My Future Bio

Danika Brysha is a mother, partner, and successful wellness entrepreneur. Her businesses have helped millions to live happier and healthier lives. She lives in California with her partner Billy and their four kids. Their home is on a big piece of land and overlooks the ocean but offers lots of privacy and is self sustaining with their garden and animals. They travel often on adventures around the country (in their RV) or all over the world, and they love hosting retreats and experiences at their home. Danika loves working in her gorgeous garden and has plenty of white space, peace, and tranquility. She has support in any area she needs it and is completely financially free. She is surrounded in the most amazing people and flows through life intuitively, focusing on being, and not just doing. Danika feels a deep sense of joy, impact, peace, connection, and aliveness. She is so happy.

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