Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions

Whether you’re new around here or have a random question. Below are some of the most commonly-asked.


Everything you need to know about our self-care classes.

Currently, you don’t need to do anything beforehand to attend live classes. 

In the 30 minutes before class begins (and for the duration of live class) there will be a “Join Now” button below the class image on the main feed and also the individual class page. 

Simply click while you’re logged in and you’ll be taken to the live class in Zoom. 

If you’d like to add classes to your personal calendar as a reminder, you can go to the live schedule, click on the class you’d like to attend, and click “Add to Calendar” below the class description. You do have to do these individually but we are working on updating this option for easier use.

Nope. You'll never be seen or heard by default.

In some classes, guides will ask for volunteers, in which case you can raise your hand if you're interested in coming on screen and sharing. 

How you take SCS classes is completely up to you. You can participate in chat, volunteer to share, or just hang back in your pajamas and follow along. There's no right way to do SCS class.

Yes! All live classes are recorded for later viewing.

We know that everyone has different schedules and varied time zones which can mean live classes may be a challenge to fit in. Our On-Demand Library gives you the option to take SCS classes when they serve YOU best.

We invite you to only share during live class if you wish, and know that anything you say in the chat or via audio or video will be captured in the recording and heard or viewed by others watching the replay.

Recorded classes are typically available for on-demand viewing one week after they air live. 

For example: Mindful Motivation live at 5:30am on 1/31 is available on-demand beginning 2/7. This keeps a steady rotation of new classes available for streaming.

Monthly Strategy Sessions are available within 24 hours of their live airing and will be available for the entire month. 

Paid intensive workshops will have access details included in the description.

Yes, all class times listed are in Pacific Standard time.

We hope to offer localized time zones in the future.

Just bring a journal or your favorite note-taking app and you’ll be all set.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you’ve downloaded Zoom and are up to date on the latest version. Usually this happens automatically, but worth checking so you don’t miss anything.

On the rare occasion that it’s recommended to prepare something (usually with intensive workshops), you’ll have ample warning ahead of time.

Yup <3

All SCS members have unlimited access to live classes each week. Take as many as you like!

As always, if you have any question or concern, feel free to submit here or email us directly [email protected]

We typically get back within ~24 hours, though we do try and take things a bit slower on the weekends.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Self-Care Checklist

Common questions about the checklist and how it works.

The self-care checklist is a simple tool to help you discover, and stay accountable to, your optimal daily self-care routine.

With the goal of both finding and developing the self-care practices that serve you best, it’s meant to be a fun way to track and reflect on your progress. Whether that’s breathwork, affirmations, gratitude, or any number of options, we believe that lasting change starts small, and wins of any size should be celebrated daily. 

By keeping a daily log of your wins, over time the hope is that you’ll be able to identify the specific practices that you find most fulfilling. Each class will consist of a handful of these self-care practices, with the goal of helping you on the path to discovering what lights you up the most.

We also know that creating lasting habits requires consistency, and that consistency often requires systems. The self-care checklist is a system we've found that works for many. 

Above all, the self-care checklist is meant to serve as inspiration and accountability, on the path to helping you “fill your cup” and towards finding the self-care practices that help you live at your highest vibration.

The self-care checklist is a tool we developed to help with staying consistent and accountable to the small daily habits that we know serve us. Originally developed by Danika Brysha, to support her in her own journey of recovery, transformation, and wellness, she quickly learned that this powerful tool could be the resource that helped millions with the most challenging part of a self-care practice… getting it done. 

After working with thousands on their own self-care and helping them utilize their own personalized self-care checklists, it became evident that this tool was meant for the masses. With some refining and crafting, we’ve taken the original self-care checklist and built it in a digital format that makes it easier than ever to stay accountable to the self-care habits that serve you.

Take a look over our self-care checklist glossary for a brief intro and examples to go along with any of the core practices on the list. 

Even better, attend a live class where your guide will walk you through any number of self care routines, supported by a community doing them right along with you.

Still stuck? Put a line out to the community. This loving group is always ready to help.