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When It’s Time To Let Go

Journaling, movement, breathwork, and more. 

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Sam Synett · Live Date: 05/19/22

This class is focused on inner nurturing when it’s time to let go, which can feel like a very heavy and complex task to ask of ourselves, especially if it involves another person. We start by journaling on the prompts: What are you holding onto right now that is simultaneously holding you back? What becomes available if you choose to let it go? We then utilize progressive muscle relaxation to move any physical tension through our bodies that arose when we were thinking and journaling about what we needed to let go. After this physical release, we spend time in a nature visualization focused on helping us to mentally release. We end class by tapping into our intuition to gain clarity as to what next step would be required to completely let go of what’s no longer supporting us.

Sam Synett is a certified life and confidence coach who runs a trauma-informed coaching practice. Alongside being a coach, she is also a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in treating PTSD and suicide prevention. Sam’s coaching style is no-nonsense, direct, and high gradient, with clients who come to her when they’re ready to reclaim their power and take ownership of their dreams! 

Class Activities

  • Journaling: Holding On (5 mins)
  • Movement & Breathwork: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (7 mins)
  • Visualization: Invitation To Let Go (5 mins)
  • Clarity: The Intuitive Next Step (5 mins)

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