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Jonathon Dugan · Live Date: 03/07/22

We live and die by the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves. The little voice in our head is the only voice we will hear up there. Does that voice run your life, or do you intentionally guide it to where you would like it to go? 

We will start off this class by getting out of the head and dropping into the body with a guided meditation, followed by becoming aware of the stories that aren’t serving us, then reframing them so they will serve.  

After his childhood best friend passed away six years ago, Jonathon Dugan went on a journey of self-discovery. It led to his life completely falling apart, but later realizing that’s part of the journey–allowing the old to die so the new can blossom. Jonathon is now a coach, author, and father of two boys, a 3 1/2 year old and 3 month old. His greatest joys in life are family, traveling, and his mission; helping others consciously create and actualize their dream life through practical spirituality. Life is good, and just keeps getting better 🙂 

Class Activities 

  • Meditation: Get Out Of Your Head & Drop Into The Body (7 mins) 
  • Journaling: Story Time (3 mins) 
  • Self-Love: Reframing Your Self-Talk (5 mins)
  • Intentionality: Contract With Yourself (2 mins)

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