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Uncovering Your Magnetism

Gratitude, clarity, intentionality, and more. 

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 10/18/21

Our vibration and our energy can leave a lasting and lifelong impression on people we never even exchange a word with. This class is focused on gaining clarity on this magnetic version of us and how we might practice embodying them daily. We start with some gratitude for our weekend to get ourselves in a positive vibration then we take time to remind ourselves of what we know serves us as we head into a new week. We gain clarity on our priorities for the week, then we allow ourselves to imagine what it might be like to witness ourselves from a stranger’s perspective in total magnetism and how it might feel to embody that ourselves. 

Class Activities

  • Gratitude: Weekend Gratitude Highlights (3 mins)
  • Clarity: The Habits That Help (3 mins)
  • Intentionality: The Week’s Top To-Dos (2 mins)
  • Manifestation: Your Unique Magnetism (3 mins)
  • Visualization: Visualizing Your Magnetic You (2 mins)

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