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The Wizard Inside

Reflection, meditation, visualization, and more.

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Laura Saltman · Live Date: 03/01/22

In this class, we are talking about the metaphors within the Wizard of Oz; how the film’s story directly mirrors the journey of soul. We’ll be talking through many aspects of the film and the correlation between our fears, our desires, the characters, and the message of the power within. 

Laura Saltman is a mindfulness, meditation and metaphysical teacher as well as an author, speaker and TV/Digital Host. She is a conscious channel who has written (translated) four books on spiritual laws/principles and consciousness raising tips, tricks and techniques through a voice called “The All.” Her goal is to inspire people to think better, live better and love better.  She encourages men and women to go for their dreams and utilizes the tools of The All in her talks to engage the power within each of us.

Class Activities

  • Reflection: Your Scarecrow, Tin Man, & Cowardly Lion (5 mins)
  • Meditation & Visualization: Follow Your Yellow Brick Road (5 mins)
  • Support: Be Glinda (3 mins)

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