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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Visualization, self-love, journaling, and more. 

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Paul Fishman · Live Date: 02/09/22

In this Unwind & Release class with guest guide Paul Fishman, we will be taking a longer look at the stories we tell ourselves and how we can be more honest and authentic with ourselves. We’ll come through and reflect on a place in our lives where we can use more honesty.

Paul Fishman is a Self Love Coach and the host of the top 100 podcast The Road to Self Love. Paul’s mission is simple, to empower and inspire a sense of belonging in each of us. Paul has been lauded for creating brave space, building a fiercely dedicated community, and helping thousands of humans love themselves unconditionally.

Class Activities

  • Visualization & Self Love: Accepting Your Truth (20 mins)
  • Journaling & Intentionality: Honoring Your Honesty (3 mins)

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Paul Fishman

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