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The Rest Is Up To You

Reflection, journaling, planning, and more. 

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Gaby Lucia · Live Date: 08/30/22

There are checkpoints in life that are common to us all – but the “rest is up to you”. Instead of expecting or wanting God or a higher power of our own understanding to simply tell us what to do – we are given creative freedom for a reason! There’s a fine balance between listening to that higher power, and taking creative liberty. In this class we explore all the possibilities and choices in our hands.

Class Activities

  • Reflection: The Rest Is Up To You (3 mins)
  • Journaling: Infinite Choices (3 mins)
  • Planning: Week Overview (4 mins)
  • Clarity: The Next 5 Years (3 mins)
  • Intentionality: A Life Filled With (4 mins)

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