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The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Reflection, journaling, movement, and more. 

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Annie Vovan · Live Date: 11/09/21

This Soulful Expansion class, led by guest guide Annie Vovan, is about intentional focus. What you focus on EXPANDS. If you focus on joy and possibilities, you will see MORE joy and bring in my possibilities in life. The converse is true. If you see roadblocks and challenges, you are blocking what is available to you. 

As a former Pharmacist turned serial entrepreneur, Dr. Annie Vovan’s mission is to give moms the “prescription” to get out of their own way. Her goal is to help 1,000 moms start their online business by 2022 so that they can leave their legacy and impact for generations to come. As a mama of two young kids living in Los Angeles, CA, her favorite motto is “Life is not a dress rehearsal” so you will find her pushing you into your greatest potential always.

Class Activities

  • Reflection: To Change Our Results (3 mins)
  • Journaling: A Letter From Your BFF (3 mins)
  • Movement & Clarity: “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield (3 mins)

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