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Start With Yourself

Journaling, gratitude, self-love, and more. 

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 08/30/21

In this class we practice strengthening our individual self through practices of introspection, self love, and intentionality. We clear our minds through writing then continue into gratitude to shift our lens to one of seeing what is good, even the contrast. We take time to honor our own personal highlights and “selling points” as we strengthen the self-love muscle that deeply impacts how we care for ourself. Lastly, we revisit our intentions and desires and take them from goals to tactical action steps of how we might move closer every day.

Class Activities

  • Journaling: Brain Dump Journaling (3 mins)
  • Gratitude: Gratitude To Close Out The Month (3 mins)
  • Self-Love: What You Like About You (3 mins)
  • Intentionality: Taking Goals From Idea To Action (3 mins)

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