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Self-Regulating Your Nervous System

Meditation, movement, journaling, and more.

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Jen Miller · Live Date: 01/05/22

In this Shift Into Alignment class, we focus on ways that you can self-regulate your nervous system. For so many of us, we are in a constant state of stress, or nervous system activation. With that, it’s essential to have tools we can use to shift back into rest, to re-balance and regulate and come back into a coherent nervous system state. This class will guide you through a simple yet effective journal prompt as well as powerful EFT Tapping practice, both helping to soothe and regulate your nervous system.

Class Activities

  • Journaling & Reflection: Free-Write to Free the Mind (3 mins)
  • Meditation & Movement: EFT Tapping Meditation To Soothe & Regulate (10 mins)

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