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Releasing Conditions On Your Good-Feeling Emotions

Reflection, clarity, meditation, and more. 

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Jen Miller · Live Date: 08/04/21

In this Shift Into Alignment class, we focus on getting clear about where we are placing conditions on our good-feeling emotions. If you have found yourself thinking “I’ll only feel happy/peaceful/fulfilled, etc. once x,y,z happens or changes” then this class is for you! Through a guided EFT Tapping meditation, you’ll acknowledge the uncomfortable aspects of how you’re feeling, release any stuck emotional energy, and give yourself permission to feel good right now.

Class Activities

  • Reflection & Clarity: Are You Placing Conditions On Your Happiness? (3 mins)
  • Meditation & Movement: EFT Tapping Meditation To Give Ourselves Permission To Feel Good (10 mins)

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