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Meditation, breathwork, journaling, and more. 

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Sarah Sapora · Live Date: 03/23/22

In this Unwind & Release class with guest guide Sarah Sapora, we’ll join together to let go – to  shake off whatever was weighing you down the day. Whatever is coloring your mind, whatever is skewing your ability to show up for yourself completely and fully, whatever is preventing me from feeling present. And then I think of connecting to myself. If I want to release and connect to me, I have to be able to hear myself and see myself and listen to myself in the present moment.

Sarah Sapora is a self-love mentor, author, and live event creator passionate about making personal growth body-inclusive and accessible to those in larger bodies. She teaches self-love without the Before and After, and also digs into the sticky mess at the intersection of Body Positivity, Diet Culture, and Personal Transformation to help women unfurl into their Ultimate You with body autonomy that works for them.

Class Activities

  • Meditation & Breathwork: Kundalini Meditation To Release Anger (10 minutes)
  • Journaling & Self-Love: Returning To Self (4 mins)

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Sarah Sapora

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