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Permission To Be Imperfect

Reflection, self-love, clarity, and more. 

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 06/15/22

As a new mother and entrepreneur, I find that though sometimes subtle, I’m constantly dwelling in the “not enoughness” that can come up in every aspect of life. This class is all about giving ourselves permission to be human. We gift ourselves forgiveness for whatever happened in our day today and we take note of what we might be making a big deal that really isn’t. We honor our personal resume and all that makes us unique and wonderful, and then we acknowledge the importance of support, both receiving and supporting others. 

Class Activities

  • Reflection: Today, I Forgive You (3 mins)
  • Self-Love: No Big Deal (3 mins)
  • Clarity: Soul Resume (4 mins)
  • Support: Receiving Support (3 mins)

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