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Nourishing Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Breathwork, visualization, journaling, and more. 

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Lybys Zambrano · Live Date: 11/05/21

It’s time to realign and nourish your soul. So often we go through our weeks on the go. Constantly doing, moving, and going and sometime during all that moving we forget to take a pause and check in with ourselves. We forget to find balance and work on the things that make us happy everyday. In today’s class we bring awareness to the areas of our body, mind, and spirit that have been neglected. It’s time to balance things out.

Class Activities

  • Breathwork & Visualization: Awareness In What’s Stuck (5 mins) 
  • Journaling: Nourishing The Blocks (3 mins) 
  • Reflection: Nourishing The Soul (4 mins)

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Lybys Zambrano

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