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New Moon Intentions & Self-Love

Intentionality, nourishment, reflection, and more. 

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Lybys Zambrano · Live Date: 12/02/21

The last new moon of the year is here and what a beautiful month to focus on filling yourself up. In this class we focus on setting the intention to end the year focusing on how you can show up for yourself so that you can align with everything you are inviting in. It’s not about waiting for the New Year to put the focus back on you, it’s about ending the year focused on you so that you start your year off with momentum!

Class Activities

  • Intentionality: Invite It In (4 mins)
  • Nourishment & Reflection: Nourish Your Soul (4 mins)
  • Self-Love: Put Yourself First! (5 mins)

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Lybys Zambrano

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