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Meeting At The Highest Frequency: Gratitude

Reflection, visualization, gratitude, and more. 

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Lybys Zambrano · Live Date: 12/01/22

Gratitude comes in many shapes and forms. We feel it for the experiences that we’ve had and the people that have been a part of our lives and we oftentimes can find gratitude in the simplest forms if we’re really paying attention. In this class we are taking a moment to be grateful not just for the big things in life but also all the small things that we may forget to be grateful for at times.

Class Activities

  • Reflection: I Am Grateful For (5 mins)
  • Journaling: The Little Things (5 mins)
  • Visualization: For This, I Am Grateful (5 mins)
  • Meditation & Gratitude: Song – “Gratitude” by Kota the Friend (2 mins)

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