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Manifestations, Goals, & The Identity To Achieve Them

Gratitude, celebration, clarity, and more.

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 09/20/21

The best way to kick off a new day is to align with gratitude, celebrate how far you’ve come, and get in the energy of all you are calling in. This class is all about dreaming big, gaining clarity on our goals, and developing mindsets that support the type of people we will need to be to achieve them. 

Class Activities

  • Gratitude: Gratitude Dump With Your Why (3 mins)
  • Celebration: Celebrating All You’ve Called In (2 mins)
  • Clarity: Clarifying Goals For A Variety Of Time Frames (4 mins)
  • Affirmations: Aligning Your Identity With Your Goals (3 mins)
  • Visualization: Practicing Your Affirmative Identity (3 mins)

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