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Manifestation – Vol. 1 (The Best of SCS Bundle)

5 pack bundle of classes for manifestation & creating your most aligned life.

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Self-Care Society · Live Date: 08/10/22

A curated collection of five of our favorite manifestation-focused classes. Just 30 mins each, available on-demand, and led by expert guides. Each class recording will take you through a variety of self-care and mindset exercises — prompts, examples, community inspiration, and the space for you to do the work.

The bundle’s for you if…

  • You have dreams (or inklings of them) that you wish to follow
  • Life feels okay right now (or even good), but not as great as you’d like
  • You know you’re made for more, but struggle with how to get there
  • You’re calling in something new, and want the support of some powerful tools and practices
  • You’re interested in learning how to incorporate more manifestation into your life

Includes 5 Classes

Your Zone of Genius & How To Live There

with Danika Brysha

A great key in life is to position yourself in the right lighting, otherwise known as leaning into your strengths and skills. After all, you have these unique skill sets and characteristics for a reason and that is to contribute them to the world. Today’s class helps to remind us of what our zone of genius is and how we can show up in it more, going from awareness of our skills to understanding how we can integrate them in our life. We then look beyond our skills to our dreams and goals. What are we calling in and how might we get closer to these desires this week. This class is all about making the abstract actionable. 

Opening Up To Unexpected Goodness

with Gaby Lucia

Embracing uncertainty allows you to step into the field of all possibilities. In this class, we feel into the excitement and joy that follow when you remain open to an infinity of choices, experiencing all the fun, all the adventure and magic and mystery of existence.

Manifest Your Dream Life

with Ashley Vives Williams

In this class you will make a decision of what you are calling into your life. We will break down together how you feel when you receive it and remove any blocks in the way. You will be able to come back to this class over and over again to manifest your wildest dreams.

What If Life Just Got Better And Better

with Gaby Lucia

In this class, we tune into the most uplifting “what ifs”. The “what if’s” that we can receive when we feel boldly and gracefully deserving of the best of life. We seal this exciting possibility in our life by setting and declaring an intention to receive more good than we’ve ever received before.

Putting You Back On Your To-Do List

with Kerri Smith-Osei

Giving from an empty cup can leave you exhausted emotionally, energetically, and physically. We’ve been taught to care more about the feelings of others versus tuning into how we really feel. We stretch ourselves beyond capacity and are afraid of admitting it. When you are unkind to yourself or believe that it is more admirable to give than it is to receive, you do yourself a disservice. Examining why you are the last thing on your to-do list brings forth growth and expansion. Being loving and kind to yourself creates a ripple effect on your healing journey.

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