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Making Monday Matter

Journaling, clarity, intentionality, and more. 

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 11/08/21

This class is all about kicking off a new week with mindfulness and intention. We take time to journal with a few prompts to warm ourselves up as we start considering the week ahead. Then, inspired by BJ Fogg, PhD’s book, “Tiny Habits”, we identify the habits we wish to have for ourselves and break them down into tiny actionable steps. Lastly, we manifest the day we desire with a future journal entry reflecting on our Monday.

Class Activities

  • Journaling: New Week Journaling Prompts (3 mins)
  • Clarity: The Habits You Hold (3 mins)
  • Intentionality: Tiny Habits For Easy Action (3 mins)
  • Manifestation: Manifesting Your Monday (4 mins)

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