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Looking Inward For Answers

Reflection, clarity, support, and more. 

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 08/27/21

This class reminds us that the greatest place we can look for our answers is within. We reflect on our week and honor what we might do differently, then we expand on these traditional exercises to address what was left undone with compassion and understanding. We plan our most self-loving weekend and close out class with a realignment to our goals and desires, with a willingness to receive them all.

Class Activities

  • Reflection: Reflecting On What Worked Well (2 mins)
  • Clarity: Clarifying How We Would Show Up Differently Next Time (2 mins)
  • Support: Compassion And Curiosity For Goals Unmet (4 mins)
  • Self-Love: Your Most Self Loving Weekend (3 mins)
  • Manifestation: Receiving All You Desire (3 mins)

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