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Let’s Spring Into This New Week: Never Give Up, Just Try Again

Celebration, reflection, breathwork, and more.

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Jessica Covington · Live Date: 03/21/22

This class was live on the first day of Spring. So we’ll spring into this new season with some breathwork to relax and settle into a good space so you can prepare for the new week ahead. We’ll reflect on last week’s progress, define our smart goals, and move into celebrating our wins, and discover some new inspiration to carry you through the week.

Jessica Covington started her career as a host because of a belief that media is one of the most effective tools used to help inspire and encourage others. Like most people pursuing their dream, she has encountered struggles, challenges, and fears throughout the years. Over time she learned how to use faith, strategy, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills to achieve her goals. She found her own life experiences prepared her to become a life coach and assist others with accomplishing their goals as well. 

Today, Jessica partners with clients to help them make progress so they can create the life they truly desire to have. Together we clarify goals, identify the blocks that keep them from accomplishing their goals, then create strategies to overcome them.

Class Activities:

  • Celebration: Women’s History Month (2 mins) 
  • Breathwork: Being Here Now (2 mins)
  • Reflection & Intentionality: Moving Forward With A Plan (5 mins)
  • Celebration: Steps Toward Progress (4 mins)
  • Inspiration: For Motivation (4 mins)
  • Movement: Dance Party (2 mins)

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