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Leaning Into Self-Love

Affirmations, breathwork, gratitude, and more. 

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Lili Pettit · Live Date: 07/29/21

This class explores areas where we may be holding back self-love, forgiveness, body positivity and how we can lean into honoring ourselves a little bit more. We will breathe, move and celebrate the gift that our heart space provides each and every day. This class ends with a series of powerful self-love mantras + a 1 minute dance party to carry you through the rest of your day. 

Class Activities

  • Hydration: Intentional Sip (1 min)
  • Gratitude: Thank You Mama Earth (1 min)
  • Breathwork: Open Your Heart (3 mins)
  • Journaling: Lean Into Self Love Journaling (10 mins) 
  • Affirmations: Filling up the Heart with Trust (2 mins)
  • Movement: Honoring the Body and Heart Dance Party (2 mins)

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