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Inner Nurturing

Journaling, celebration, clarity, and more. 

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Steff Sullivan · Live Date: 03/17/22

In this Inner Nurturing class with guest guide Steff Sullivan, we will be nurturing our own inner landscape to support the transition of the seasons from winter to spring, or whatever life season you may find yourself in currently.

Steff Sullivan’s mission is to help others feel connected, deepen their compassion for self & others and tap into their intuition through movement classes, self-discovery and self-care that honours their energetic needs. She blends her experience as a Registered Nurse in Women & Infants health, NSCA & Barreworks Certified movement guide & decades as a human being to guide others in building sustainable, holistic and individualized self-care plans. Steff reminds us that we are all unique and such, our self-care should be too.

Class Activities

  • Journaling & Celebration: Winter Reflections (5 mins)
  • Clarity: Spring Intentions (5 mins)
  • Visualization & Nature: Garden (4 mins)
  • Creativity, Intentionality, & Affirmation: Cultivating Your Self-Care Garden (5 mins)

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