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How To Decompress + Find Your Sacred Center

Reflection, hydration, gratitude, and more. 

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Lili Pettit · Live Date: 01/13/22

This class is designed to get you out of your head and drop you into your body. A simple body scan, free flow writing practice, laughter and an opportunity to shake off or wake up your energy through movement are included in this class design. These are all quick + easy ways we can shift stuck energy throughout the day and come back to our Sacred Center. 

Class Activities

  • Reflection: Body Scan (2 mins)
  • Hydration: Intentional Sip (1 min)
  • Gratitude: Thank You Mama Earth (1 min)
  • Play/Creativity: Free Flow (4 mins) 
  • Celebration: “Act As If “ (1 min)
  • Movement: Move/Shake/Dance (1 min)
  • Reflection: Post Centering exercises (1 min)

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