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Holding Space For Yourself

Affirmations, hydration, gratitude, and more. 

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Lili Pettit · Live Date: 08/05/21

Sometimes it’s easier to take care of others than to take care of ourselves and this class uses affirmations, breathwork and meditation to drop us back into our self-care foundation. We will use the breath to drop into the present moment, let go of our daily responsibilities and tune into what we need. This class is a reminder that with every breath we have an opportunity to begin again.  

Class Activities

  • Affirmations: For Well-Being (3 mins)
  • Hydration: Intentional Sip (1 min)
  • Gratitude: Thank You Mama Earth (1 min)
  • Breathwork & Meditation: Clearing A Path For Yourself (10 mins)
  • Clarity: 3 Ways I Can Hold Space For Myself This Week (2 mins)

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Lili Pettit

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