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Healing The Worthiness Wound

Visualization, self-love, intentionality, and more.

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Paul Fishman · Live Date: 02/23/22

In this Unwind & Release class with guest guide Paul Fishman, we’ll go through a worthiness visualization. And at the end of this magic, we are going to journal a little bit and get closer to our own self worth and how we can show up in the most empowered and worthy versions of ourself, those sacred versions for ourself.

Paul Fishman is a Self Love Coach and the host of the top 100 podcast The Road to Self Love. Paul’s mission is simple, to empower and inspire a sense of belonging in each of us. Paul has been lauded for creating brave space, building a fiercely dedicated community, and helping thousands of humans love themselves unconditionally.

Class Activities

  • Visualization & Self-Love: Healing The Worthiness Wound (20 mins)
  • Intentionality & Journaling: Feeling Worthy (3 mins)

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Paul Fishman

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