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Gratitude + Forgiveness

Breathwork, support, hydration, and more.

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Lili Pettit · Live Date: 08/26/21

This class focuses on tuning into the energy of gratitude and allowing ourselves to fill up our tanks with all that we are grateful for! Once we have tapped into the energy of abundance we send some of that love, support and gratitude back out into the world. Lastly, a forgiveness exercise that can be done on a daily basis guides us through areas of our lives where we can cultivate more space for support, truth and love.

Class Activities

  • Breathwork: Breathing For Equanimity (3 mins)
  • Hydration: Intentional Sip (1 min)
  • Gratitude: Thank You Mama Earth (1 min)
  • Support: People, Places + Things (3 mins)
  • Visualization: Sending Out Peace + Love (2 mins)
  • Reflection: Forgiving Myself (3 mins)

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