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Self-love, movement, meditation, and more.

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Kara Baruzzini · Live Date: 01/04/22

In this Soulful Expansion class led by special guest guide Kara Baruzzini, we’ll feel into the energy of going higher – taking those challenges we’ve come across and continuing to rise. 

Kara is a lightworker relaying ancient wisdom into a modern context. She lives to encourage people to move in the direction of self-healing through embodiment, inner child work, and yoga. Her healing journey has led her to deep dive into Tantric philosophy and has inspired her to share this sacred information through her virtual platform: School of Intuitive Yoga.

Class Activities

  • Self-Love: Word Of the Year (1 min)
  • Movement: Gentle Stretching (4 mins)
  • Meditation: Felt Sense (6 mins)
  • Journaling & Gratitude: Holy Trinity (3 mins)
  • Celebration: Celebratory Dance Party (3 mins)
  • Reflection: I’m Leaving Here With… (2 mins)

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Kara Baruzzini

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