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Kerri Smith-Osei · Live Date: 01/16/23

Feeling insecure creates more thoughts about inadequacy. To overcome these feelings, we must face them. Presence over perfection. Insecurity may stem from a traumatic event, crisis, or attachment bond (being raised in an environment where you were told repeatedly that you weren’t good enough or worthy enough). We overcompensate by trying to be perfect. The answer isn’t perfection. Try asking where did I learn this, versus why am I like this? Then pour love into the situation, into you. Fill the cracks of insecurity with healing that version of yourself through radical self-care and self-acceptance.. 

Class Activities

  • Meditation: Song – “Happy Tears” by Natalie Lauren (2 mins)
  • Journaling: Peeling The Glass Onion (3 mins) 
  • Reflection: Negative Nancy (3 mins) 
  • Gratitude: Perception is Reality (3 mins) 
  • Meditation: Song – “Confidently Lost” by Sabrina Claudio (3 mins)
  • Mindfulness: Journey Back Home To You (5 mins)

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