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Finding Freedom & Flow In Consistency

Reflection, meditation, movement, and more. 

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Jen Miller · Live Date: 03/02/22

This Shift Into Alignment class is designed to help you use consistency to find a sense of freedom and flow. Being consistent, whether to self-care or self-growth practices, to work and career, or to your relationships, is often where we find the most freedom. If you notice resistance to or difficulty in showing up consistently, or are seeking freedom and flow that you can’t seem to find, this class is for you. You’ll be guided through an experience that will help you recognize how consistency makes you feel, and release any resistance or blocks to being consistent. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more grounded, with a sense of clarity on how to show up for yourself.

Class Activities

  • Reflection & Clarity: How Does Consistency Feel? (3 mins)
  • Meditation & Movement: EFT Tapping Meditation To Find Freedom & Flow In Consistency (10 mins)

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