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Tasha Triana · Live Date: 05/05/22

In this Inner Nurturing Class with guest guide Tasha Triana, we’ll look at our energy and trusting your inner guidance system to prioritize the things that truly speak to your heart and your alignment. When we come from this place, we are more able to show up as our best, most energized selves.

Tasha Triana is a Registered Nurse turned Life and Purpose Coach. She is also a certified yoga & meditation teacher, reiki master, and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Fairly early on, in her almost decade of working in the hospital as a nurse, Tasha experienced severe burnout. While this was a challenging time in her life, the experience awakened her to the importance and necessity of daily self-care practices and served as a catalyst to her pursuing a spiritual path. As she began to research and dive deeper into the world of self-care and all things healing, she was inspired to create her business, The Nurtured Nurse. Tasha is now a self-care expert and teaches high achieving, heart-centered humans how to prioritize themselves so they can show up feeling replenished and empowered to live their most authentic lives.

Class Activities

  • Journaling: Energy Check-In (3 mins)
  • Meditation & Breathwork: Living From Alignment (4 mins)
  • Reflection: Things That Drain Me (3 mins)
  • Clarity: Things That Energize Me (3 mins)
  • Intentionality: Inspired Action (3 mins)

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