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Connecting With Your Heart & Receiving Love

Self-love, meditation, and journaling.

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Sam Pfotenhauer · Live Date: 04/19/22

What does it mean to perceive our life with love? One way to look at this is to share love, to be loving, to give love. Another way to be available to receive love.  To cultivate love within ourselves.  To have so much love flowing in that it is easy to allow it to flow out. To call in miracles means to be available for receiving love. Miracles are a form of love themselves – love from creator or Spirit or the divine or your soul team. But it’s also a reflection of your love for yourselves.  To feel that you are worthy enough to accept the miracle, that you love yourself enough to be available for receiving that type of love. For a lot of people, it is easier to give love than to receive it – from ourselves or from others. Today, we are going to work on receiving love and being available for love from the universe.

Sam Pfotenhauer is an intuitive guide and lawyer based in Vermont.  Through her business Wild River, she facilitates inner inquiry and guide folks in connecting with their emotions, values, and intuition (and Earth) to lead a life that feels authentic, expansive, and fun. She also works as a lawyer (part-time), working as a regulatory and strategic consultant at an environmental restoration company.  Before beginning Wild River and transitioning into environmental work, she worked as a securities lawyer in NYC.

Class Activities

  • Meditation: Connect With Divine Love (13 mins)
  • Journaling & Self-Love: Reflections On Receiving Love (3 mins)

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