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Celebrate Yourself For All The Things That You Do

Self-love, journaling, space, and more.

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Lybys Zambrano · Live Date: 10/14/21

It’s time to celebrate yourself for all of the things that you do, big, small, and everything in between. Living in a society where we feel like we always have to do do do and even when we do so much we feel as if we didn’t do enough, its important to take a step back and really bring awareness to what it is that we have already accomplished in our day or week! In this class we’re bringing awareness to every single thing we’ve done this week, you may be surprised to see that you’ve accomplished so much more than you believed.

Class Activities

  • Clarity & Journaling: Celebrate The Little Big Things (4 mins)
  • Self-Love & Reflection: Bring In The Pride (4 mins)
  • Space & Intentionality: EFT Tapping Into Celebration (5 mins)

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Lybys Zambrano

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