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Becoming More Comfortable With Heart-Based Decision Making

Breathwork, hydration, gratitude, and more. 

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Lili Pettit · Live Date: 01/05/22

When we aren’t clear and delay making decisions that energy can clog up our minds, bodies and hearts, right? Our entire life is made up of a series of choices. When we choose to not make a decision, that is also a choice. 

Today’s class focuses on how to make heart-based decisions as well as honoring a decision that went well. As in all Sacred Space classes we take time to honor our hearts, breathe into our bodies, have gratitude for the earth and hydrate. 

If you are struggling with making decisions or feel stuck in a pattern of not making decisions, this class provides tools + support to get you feeling more confident in moving forward. 

Class Activities

  • Breathwork: Intentional Grounding Breaths (2 mins)
  • Reflection: How Are You Really? (2 mins)
  • Hydration: Intentional Sip (1 min)
  • Gratitude: Thank You Mama Earth (1 min)
  • Affirmations: Your Life Is A Series Of Choices (2 mins)
  • Intentionality: How To Make A Heart-Based Decision (5 mins)
  • Reflection: What Went Well (2 mins)

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