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Assigning Meaning To Sensations

Grounding, gratitude, movement, and more. 

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Amrit-Sadhana · Live Date: 10/04/21

In this Mindful Motivation class, led by special guest guide Amrit-Sadhana Boyd, we’ll focus on bringing awareness to how we’re feeling in our bodies and radiating our energy to align with our highest selves.   

Amrit-Sadhana Boyd is a psychosomatic herbalist and counselor. Through her own experiences with trauma she discovered the healing power of plants and how they not only support and heal you physically but on a spiritual, mental and emotional level as well. She truly believes that no matter what has transpired in your life, you can heal and live fully authentically in who you came here to be!

Class Activities

  • Grounding: Being Here Now (2 mins)
  • Gratitude: Energy Of Gratitude (3 mins)
  • Movement & Play: Dancing For Joy & Productiveness (4 mins)
  • Nourishment: Feeling In This Moment (3 mins)
  • Journal: For This Week (5 mins)
  • Hydrate: Intentional Hydration (1 min)
  • Affirmations: Guidance From Our Higher Self (2 mins)

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