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An Extra Dose Of Self Love

Reflection, journaling, self love, and more.

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Lybys Zambrano · Live Date: 07/29/21

In this class we are kicking the judgments we have of ourselves to the curb by identifying where they came from in the first place. We all have judgments about ourselves but have you ever questioned where they came from or who gave them to you in the first place? Come prepared to shine the light on the judgments that have been holding you back and get ready to give them back to whoever gave them to you! It’s time to decide who you are and give yourself the love and compassion you so freely give others and that you deserve!

Class Activities

  • Reflection: Shine The Light On Your Judgments (4 mins)
  • Journaling: Kick Those Judgments To The Curb (4 mins)
  • Self Love & Affirmations: I Love ME (2 mins)

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