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Accepting Myself As Is, Always…

Reflection, affirmations, celebration, and more. 

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Ashley Vives Williams · Live Date: 07/20/21

In this class you will learn how to accept yourself as a work in progress and honor the beauty that you bring into this world. We will touch on the areas that are less than desired and send love to them. We will highlight the areas that you feel connected to and celebrate them. You will leave this class knowing that you are enough and it is your imperative duty to build yourself up.

Class Activities

  • Reflection: Not Good, Not Bad (9 mins)
  • Affirmations: New Life Mantras (5 mins)
  • Celebration: Humble Brag (3 mins)
  • Clarity: Bye Bye Inner Critic (3 mins)
  • Self Love: Coach Ashley’s Signature Self-Hug (2 mins)

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