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9 Habits Of Successful People In Action

Rest, nourishment, manifestation, and more. 

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Danika Brysha · Live Date: 12/27/21

One of the most loved classes of the year, we’re bringing back the “9 Habits of Successful People” class as a refresher as we enter the final week of 2021. This class was inspired by a podcast by Rob Dial and our work takes his ideas from knowledge into action. Jam-packed with 9 powerful exercises to align with the most successful version of you, this class is sure to have you motivated and inspired for a successful start to 2022. 

Class Activities

  • Rest: #1: They Wake Up Early (2 mins)
  • Nourishment: #2: They Have Proper Nutrition & Sleep (3 mins)
  • Manifestation: #3: They Write Down Their Goals (3 mins)
  • Clarity: #4: They Have Work Ethic (2 mins)
  • Expansion: #5: They Read Really Often (2 mins)
  • Intentionality: #6: They Plan Their Week Every Sunday (2 mins)
  • Gratitude & Affirmations: #7: They Are Super Positive In Self-Talk & Practice Gratitude (3 mins)
  • Support: #8: They Have Mentors (2 mins)
  • Movement: #9: They Exercise Almost Every Day (2 mins)

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