Community Guidelines

Self-Care Strategy Session

What is the SCS Community?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving a social platform where I can show up as my authentic self, be celebrated for my achievements, have permission to shine my brightest light, and remove the constant comparison that often feels inevitable in a space where we’re digitally broadcasting our lives.

The Self Care Society community is the space we’ve been craving – you’ll find inspiration, connection, and support from like-minded people who share the same optimistic and positive view on life that you do. A society of people committed to expanding themselves from a place of self love. We are cheerleaders for each other, we do our part in making sure everyone feels seen and heard, and we’re not afraid to celebrate our wins or ask for support through our challenges.

In SCS, we don’t talk about people, we talk about IDEAS. We feel safe to share our wildest dreams. We have permission to try something new, to fail, to get back up, to move forward. We are part of an ecosystem that serves to lift every member up, to generously give from our overflow, to feel safe, held, and cherish when we’re going through hard times, and to trust that our vulnerabilities and unique humanness will be held with great respect. We know that every single person has something to teach and something to learn. We are better together in every way.

Why Having a Self-Care Community Was So Important

Research shows a causal connection between our modern social media use and feelings of depression and loneliness. In a TEDx Talk by Johann Hari, he was quoted saying “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection.” I’ve found myself many times thinking, “I’m ready to delete social media” and then being reminded of all the good that has come from using it mindfully and all the people that I don’t want to lose touch with. 

The SCS community was built to bridge this gap. To remove the parts of social media that leave us feeling less than or not enough, and to emphasize the positive influence that empowering messaging and aligned connection can have on our lives.

What Makes The Self-Care Society Community Different?

The SCS community is not about sharing the day to day life details of our existence. It isn’t about selling and buying. It’s not about likes or followers or engagement or numbers.

The SCS community is a place for authentic, real, and deep connections. A safe space to ignite connections with like-minded people that we hope will extend far beyond our digital sphere. It’s a place where we can come and say our dreams out loud without judgment, where we can voice our goals without worrying about backlash, and we can feel heard, seen, and valued for the exquisite and unique being that we already are.

Guidelines for Keeping The SCS Community Space Sacred for All

As a member of the SCS community, you agree to keep the foundational values at the forefront of all my actions and intentions.

Please take a moment to review our Mission, Values, and Guidelines now.