Community Expert Series

The Healing Art of Creativity

Featuring Theresa Haddow

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How many times have you told yourself that you aren’t creative? I bet it’s more than once. In this class we will be taking a deep dive into the creative practices that we can easily incorporate into our lives and how you are probably already doing a lot of creating but you just don’t realize it yet. You will leave empowered as you discover how simple it is to make time to create and the benefits that it brings. Make sure you bring a notebook and a pen because I’ll take some time to show you one of my favorite forms of easy and creative expression (botanical line drawing) so you can follow along!



Class Guide: Theresa Haddow

Theresa Haddow is an artist, wife and mama living in Austin, Texas. After failing the bar for the third time she decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion of creating. She realized that whenever there were times of stress in her life that she would always turn to making something as a form of self care. This became even more true when Theresa’s son was born and she faced postpartum depression. She discovered the magic of watercolor and how creating whimsical pieces of art helped tell a story and bring joy to others. She was also looking for a way to connect with her son, she discovered how much fun they had when they would do crafts together. That led her to start her craft subscription box for kids, The Create Kit, which allows her to send the joy of creativity to parents and children across the US. Theresa’s newest adventure is helping beautiful souls unleash their own creative genius through teaching virtual watercolor classes.



Featuring: Theresa Haddow

Class Length: 45 minutes

Live Date: June 5, 2021

About The Community Expert Series

We’re all teachers, and everyone in the SCS community brings with them unique perspective, wisdom, and expertise. Through this program, we hope to feature a wide variety of themes, ideas, and perspectives to help us all learn and grow together — every Saturday morning.


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