Self-care society Presents

The #SELFCARE30 Challenge

A 30-day micro-habit challenge.


#SELFCARE30 Starter Kit

Daily activity prompts, self-care checklist worksheet, and more.


1. Select

Choose one activity daily.

Whichever day you’re on, be intentional about anything you’re doing and aware of how it makes you feel before, during, and after.

2. Reflect

Did this serve you?

Whether an activity gives you a burst of energy, centers you, or has no impact at all — be mindful of your mood and track the impact.

3. Integrate

Build your checklist.

After 30 days, the goal is to find a few new habits that light you up. Try them out consistently for a week or month.


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Frequently-asked Questions

Micro-habits are small activities that typically take five minutes or less.


These are the little things that are so quick and easy that incorporating them into your daily routine is nearly fail-proof. Some may feel insignificant or silly, and that's okay, but it's about trying them on little by little to find the mix that suits you best.


When we try and change everything at once, we can feel overwhelmed, unsuccessful, or ashamed, and ultimately, change nothing. The goal is to always set ourselves up for success, and micro-habits help us "try on" positive changes little by little to find the optimal mix for us.


Micro-habits serve as the basis for our Self-Care Checklist — a list of quick, repeatable tasks that, once identified, help you show up as the highest version of yourself daily — for you and those around you.

You're right on time. It's never too late to introduce positive habits into your routine.


This challenge is for you above all.


You don't need to start on a specific date. We propose intentionally doing 30 dedicated days of intentional micro-habits.

Lasting change comes from empowerment, not shame. Just double up on a day in the future and you'll be right back on track.

Absolutely not.

This program is for you above all — to help you identify your ideal self-care routine. 

We offer prizes for those who do share — to help us get the word out and introduce a little fun to the program — but sharing (with SCS community, IG or beyond) is completely optional.

You can 100% participate independently if you prefer to just download our guide and try habits on your own.

This program is designed for you to participate in whichever way feels most aligned to you <3